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Welcome to www.howtotechapk.com privacy policy page, please note that the privacy policy page of this blog is to make known to our members that their privacy (security) is being held in high esteem so it is of great importance to us and it is also to tell you the kind of information we require from our members and also how we protect them.

Does Howtotechapk require any data or personal information from users?

Yes, we do require some of your personal information or data in Howtotechapk when necessary and we do that to improve our Services to our users, so to access some services in Howtotechapk.com we may require your;

EMAIL ADDRESS: Your personal email address will be required in our site;
1. when you subscribe to our newsletter to get notified whenever we drop a new post.  Please note that you can also unsubscribe if you want to.
2. when you want to comment on our site.
3. When you want to register on our forum.

NAME: Our users name Will be required in our site when you want to drop comment on our site, it is done to know our users, we only require your First name and last name.

Do know we also collect information of our users to know how our site is being used, this include information such as your browser type, the time you visit our website, the number of Pages your enter on our site etc.

Does this site use of cookies?

www.howtotechapk.com use cookies, because of its functions ” cookies ” on browsers are meant to store your records, while sometimes to track information about them. So it is meant for suitable browsing on site, but do note that if you do not desire to use turn on cookies you can disable it, just go to your browser setting to disable it the user. If you want to know any information about cookie management  you can find it on your browser. 

Does howtotechapk disclose any user personal information?

No, please do note that we do not disclose,  sell or even rent any personal information a user provide for us to any third party site, so any information you disclose to us are in safe hands.