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As all we all know AT&T and Verizon Wireless telecommunication are both the biggest wireless telecommunication company in America, as AT&T takes the first position with over 155.7 million subscribers, Verizon wireless takes the second position with over 103.7 million subscribers in the United States.

AT&T was originally known as Cingular Wireless and it was founded on the month of April in the year 2000, their company Cingular wireless was a joint venture between Bellsouth and SBC Communications before it was known as AT&T on the 29th of December 2006, while on the other hand the Verizon wireless telecommunication was founded on the 4th of April 2000, Verizon wireless was a joint venture of American telecommunications firm Bell Atlantic. Although there have been many comparison among this 2 largest wireless Telecommunication in America AT&T and Verizon), but today we are going to be looking at AT&T vs Verizon coverage, AT&T vs Verizon Coverage map, AT&T vs Verizon Plans and also AT&T vs Verizon stock.

AT&T vs Verizon Coverage 2019

at&t vs verizon coverage map plans stock photo

AT&T vs Verizon coverage are now both the biggest in America, they now have more than 2000 locations. AT&T headquarter is located at the Lenox park district of brookhaven Georgia in the United States while Verizon headquarters is at Basking Basking ridge, New Jersey. in the US they are mainly four Network with high coverage in the United States and they are AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile and Sprint, so let us look at AT&T and Verizon star. This post will make you know if AT&T or Verizon is the best option for you while we compare them

AT&T Coverage

The AT&T wireless data network began in the Year 2002, they started as an initiative called “Project Genesis” it involved a GPRS overlay of the entire wireless network before it was later upgraded to EDGE.

AT&T’s advertisers would always say that their network coverage is the strongest not viewing AT&T vs Verizon coverage, AT&T vs Verizon Coverage map, AT&T vs Verizon Plans and also AT&T vs Verizon stock, however it is true AT&T coverage is very strong, if not they won’t have gotten millions of premium customers now.

With research it is said that AT&T 3G coverage is the widest of all carriers, but their 4G LTE is not as wide as Verizon in the United States, but don’t let AT&T third position in the network carrier overage area scare you it is still the biggest in the United States.

Verizon Coverage

However the T-Mobile always claim that their network speeds are fastest but based on user data Verizon has been awarded best network from the industry’s RootMetrics.

Verizon Wireless has the 2nd most 3G coverage area of any carrier in the United States but in terms of 4G LTE, Verizon’s coverage is widdest while T-Mobile and AT&T are relatively in a draw, they were 1% of within each other until T-Mobile’s newly added 600 MHz network, making AT&T network to drop a spot to the 3rd position in terms of 4G LTE. That’s it for the AT&T vs Verizon coverage comparison let’s look at.

AT&T vs Verizon Coverage Map 2019

As we all know there are four major cell phone telecommunication networks in the United States (U.S) which is powering over 30 different carriers and they are AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon and Sprint, these major four cell phone networks have were their coverage covers in the United States so lets check them out.

AT&T 4G coverage map

at&t 4G coverage map photo

The AT&T 4G network covers a large part of the United States but it is not as Large as that of Verizon and VT-mobile in specific areas, check the view on the map, the 4G LTE network supports customers to text, call and also load big amounts of data at a fast speed.

Verizon 4G coverage map

Verizon 4G coverage map photo

Verizon 4G coverage map is the strongest and largest among the four mobile providers, they now have service available to over 326.5 million people, on 2.56 million square miles.

Verizon70% 4G coverage
T-Mobile 59% 4G coverage
AT&T58% 4G coverage
Sprint27% 4G coverage

AT&T 3G coverage map

AT&T 3G coverage map photo

When it comes to comparing AT&T 3G coverage map to the other networks lime Verizon, T-mobile and Sprint then you should know that AT&T is the largest, they offer the largest 3G coverage map in the United States (U.S). The 3G cell signals allow us to text, call and load small amounts of data.

Verizon 3G coverage map

Verizon 3G coverage map photo

When it comes to 3G coverage in the United States (U.S.), Verizon has less coverage, Although some consumers said that with the advancement in the 5G introduction the 3G coverage will not matter again, that it would only act as a fallback coverage when 4G or 5G are not available.

AT&T 70% 3G coverage
Verizon62% 3G coverage
Sprint25% 3G coverage
T-Mobile22% 3G coverage

AT&T vs Verizon Plans 2019

The AT&T vs Verizon plans are of many sorts, so we are going to compare them, looking at their data plans, unlimited data plans, prepaid plans, if you are the always internet needing type then you can always go with the ultimate unlimited data plan, this data plan gives you very fast (high speed) browsing and also note this plan cost are high, but if you want a cheap route then you can go with a pre-paid plan because it offers small data allotments for your specific needs.

As we have looked at AT&T vs Verizon coverage, AT&T vs Verizon Coverage map let’s also look at AT&T vs Verizon Plans.

AT&T plans

The AT&T plans have been the same for some months now, there has not been any kind of changes to its data plans, prepaid plans or even its unlimited data plans. We at WWW.HOWTOTECHAPK.COM has took time to research on the AT&T’s plans so we can give you all the correct details you will need.

If you use a lot of data surfing the internet then i will recommend you go for the AT&T Unlimited & More or you alcan also try the AT&T Prepaid Unlimited plans. The AT&T plans offer straightforward pricing their plan prices have taxes and fees added on but no line fees are aded to it. The AT&T plans can be divided into (3)three they are Unlimited data plan, Shared data plans and the Prepaid data plans

Unlimited data plans

After researching on the AT&T vs Verizon plans, we found out that AT&T unlimited data plans offers you all the data will you could possibly need, they also pair unlimited talk and text with the data. Let’s look at the AT&T unlimited & more plan and the AT&T unlimited & more premium plan;

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The AT&T Unlimited & More Plan is a straightforward plan, the cost is $70 per month, this plan offers unlimited talk, 4G LTE data and unlimited text each month. The texting includes 120 countries with calls to Canada and Mexico, plus roaming in those two countries. Although the AT&T & More plan limits streaming online to 480p and also does not allow mobile hotspot usage but it has access to over 30 live Television channels.

The AT&T Unlimited & More Premium plan offers everything as the AT&T unlimited more plan with even more features, AT&T unlimited & More premium plan cost is $80 for a month but with an extra $10 a month you can also enjoy some upgrades to the standard unlimited data plan. The AT&T’s Unlimited & More Premium plan offers 15GB of mobile hotspot use at 4G LTE speed unlike the formal, it offers access to one of seven (7) movie, music, entertainment channels, like pandora, starz, HBO, this plan also allows 1080p video streaming online.

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Shared data plans

AT&T shared data plans offers a small amount of high speed data, it can be shared among two or more users on the same account. The Mobile Share Plus plans and the AT&T’s unlimited data plans cost per line is reduced, it is truly a cost-saving incentive for families to sign up together.
The AT&T Shared data plan which can be shared between more than one person cost is $50 for a month, with is this $50 you will get 3GB of high-speed data with other features like mobile hotspot functionality, 480p streaming and also unlimited talk and text.
Note: Your unused data which you paid for is not a waste when not used, yes!! You can also roll over your unused to the next billing period.

Prepaid data plans

The AT&T prepaid plan also offers many features as the postpaid plans but it has a different payment process. There are lots of AT&T prepaid plans the same perks, on the prepaid plans you can enjoy 1GB for just $30 or even 8GB for just $40. There is also a prepaid unlimited plan which gives you unlimited data for just $55, higher-tier unlimited plan for $75 note this comes with 10GB of hotspot, unlimited talk and text, data access in Canada and Mexico and it also allows Full HD streaming.

Verizon plans

The Verizon wireless network has different types of plans which are in different data sizes and prices, when you are considering the best for you, there are things you must consider first, you must know if you are going to share your paid plan with your friends or family and you must also know the data you might consume, although If you choose Verizon premium unlimited plans, you could be able to enjoy its 5G network which is unlimited data with high speed. Verizon remain the first United States carrier to launch a true 5G network which is now available in Denver, Chicago, Minneapolis, Providence and St. Paul and this 5G network is now available on Moto Z4 , Moto Z3 , LG V50 and Samsung Galaxy S10 5G, in a 5G speed test we have seen the Verizon 5G reach 1Gbps. Let’s look at the Verizon unlimited and prepaid plan.

Verizon unlimited plans

The Verizon unlimited plans network offers unlimited text and talk in the United States, unlimited mobile hotspot,video streaming and it also supports talk, text and data even when you are abroad in Mexico or Canada. Verizon have 3 types of unlimited plans they have Above unlimited, Go Unlimited and Beyond Unlimited but the only difference in this plans is the speed,4G LTE and perks they offer. See their differences in table.

Go Unlimitedoffers mobile hotspots at 600Kbps
Beyond Unlimitedoffers 15GB of hotspot at 4G LTE speed
Above Unlimitedoffers 20GB of hotspot at 4G LTE speed
Go Unlimitedlimits video playback quality to 480p
Beyond Unlimitedsupports HD (720p) screaming
Above Unlimitedsupports HD (720p) streaming
Go Unlimitedmay reduce your speed if the network is congested
Beyond Unlimitedoffers 22GB of data at 4G LTE speed
Above Unlimitedoffers 75GB of data at 4G LTE speed
Go Unlimited do not offer access to Verizon 5G network
Beyond Unlimitedoffers access to Verizon 5G network
Above Unlimitedoffers access to Verizon 5G network

That is the difference the the 3 types of Verizon unlimited plans, so let’s look at the prices for their plans.

Small plan2GB – $35/Month
Medium plan 4GB – $50/Month
Large plan8GB – $70/Month
Go unlimited plan$75/Month
Beyond Unlimited planUnlimited – $85/Month
Above Unlimited planUnlimited – $95/Month

Verizon Prepaid plan

Yes the Verizon wireless network also have a prepaid plan incase the unlimited plan is not what you are looking for, the good is that the Verizon prepaid plan also allows unlimited text and talk in the United State and also unlimited text to over 200 international locations.

The prepaid plan also allow mobile hotspot usage and their price range per month is vere affordable they offer 1GB for $30 per month. Verizon wireless now currently have some bonus deals they give extra data for these prepaid plans. 8GB for $45 per month (they now give an extra 8GB to users for free making it 16GB.

With the AT&T vs Verizon plans comparison you can now know which is best for you.

AT&T vs Verizon Stock 2019

This is one aspect we should miss when comparing AT&T vs Verizon wireless, we have looked at AT&T vs Verizon coverage, AT&T vs Verizon Coverage map, AT&T vs Verizon Plans so lastly we are going to look at AT&T vs Verizon stock.

AT&T Stock

The AT&T has been getting lots of customers, their stock has gained more than 7% since the beginning of this year. AT&T wireless stock rose about 2.05% on September and they close the trading day at $37.91, this year AT&T stock has really risen on a year to date calculation AT&T has gained over 32.8%. The AT&T’s market capital is worth over $277.01 billion while some of their competitors like T-Mobile capitalization market is at $68.8 and also Sprint $26.93 billion respectively.

Technical level

From the technical level AT&T stock has returned 8.4% within a one month period and also 13.4% within a 12-month period. Based on the closing price on September AT&T stock was trading 4.0% above its 20 days going average of $36.44.

Although AT&T has been having carriage disputes with Nexstar and CBS Media Group which resulted to a long blackouts. And it was at the Bank of America Merrill Lynch Media Conference on September 11 by AT&T CFO (John Stephens) that the carriage disputes with Nexstar and CBS could increase pay-TV loss, he said their wireless carrier might lose over 1.1 million pay-TV subscribers.

Verizon stock

According to our research analysis we can say Verizon is the largest provider of wireless services in the United State, they also sell wired services in the Northeast area, Verizon is the most exposed in the United States wireless market, it is more exposes than AT&T. The only problem Verizon has been facing is that the United States wireless market is over saturated so many consumers are upgrading their smartphones which has a slow rate, in a way to solve this Verizon has been playing a strong role in the manufacturing of their 5G wireless for more speed.

Verizon have been testing their 5G broadband service in four cities Los Angeles, Houston, Indianapolis and Sacramento, although they plan to build 5G mobile services in 30 different United States (U.S) cities in 2019 and more than 50 in 2020, truly
Verizon plans to manage the best 5G wireless network.

The Verizon stock has been doing good, they have a very strong customer base and this makes Verizon Communications a attractive option to consider for investors. Verizon earning in 2018 almost reached 26% as the Trump administration corporate tax cuts and new accounting rules boosted profits. In 2019 Verizon earnings is expected to add just 1% to the $4.74 per share while the next year earning will also increase to 2% a share.

Thank you for reading with our comparisons between AT&T vs Verizon coverage, AT&T vs Verizon Coverage map, AT&T vs Verizon Plans and also AT&T vs Verizon stock , i hope you find the difference, if there is anything you do not understand here please drop it on the comment box below this post.



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