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Native Son Summary And Characters

The novel native son was written by Richard Nathaniel Wright, he was born on the 4th of September 1908.

Bigger thomas is a poor, uneducated twenty year old man, he is a black man of the 90’s from chicago, having grown up under the climate of harsh racial predudice in 1930’s America. Bigger is burdened with a powerful conviction that has no control over his life and that he cannot aspire to anything other than stealing, low wage job. His mother pester him to take a Job with a rich white man named MR dalton, but bigger instead chooses to team up with his friends to plan the robbery of a white man stores.

Frustration, Fear and anger defined Biggers daily existence, as he is forced to hide behind a facade of toughness or risk yielding to hopelessness. while Bigger and her gang have never attempted to rob white men, although they have robbed many black men stores, Bigger thomas sees whites as not humans.

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However Bigger is Left with no option but to take on a Job as a chaffeur for the Daltons. Coincidentally, MR Daltons is also Bigger’s Landlord. He and other wealthy real estates barons are effectively, robbing the poor black tenants chicago south side, they prevent blacks from entering any apartments close to theirs.

Mr Daltons sees himself as a benevolent philanthropist as he donates money to schools and offers jobs to poor timid black boys. MR Daltons practises this philantropic gestures mainly to alleviate his guilty conscience for exploiting poor blacks.

On the first day at work, bigger drives mary to meet her communist boyfriend JAN, they forced Bigger to take them to a restaurant they both order for drinks which made them drunk, as Bigger thaomas drives them home they both made love in the back seat. Mary is so drunk that she couldn’t get to her room so Biggr had to take Mary to her room, Bigger being amazed by her beauty began to kiss her, just as Bigger place mary on her bed her blind mother, Mrs Dalton enters the bedroom, though Mrs Dalton can not see but Bigger was worried for her not to know that he was there, so Bigger covers Mary face with a pilllow, doing so Biggers mistakenly suffocates Mary on bad.

Bigger knowing his crimes tries to cover things up so he burned Mary body and put rhe blames on Mary boyfriend.

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Consequently, Bigger eludes the massive manhunt for as long as he can but he was eventually captured after a dramatic shoot out. The furious populance assumes that bigger rapped Mary before killing her and burning her body to hide the evidence of rape .

Ma tries to save Bigger from the death penalty, arguing that while his client is responsible for his crime, it is vital to recognize that Bigger is a product of his environment. part of the blame for Bigger crimes belongs to the fearful hopeless existence that he has experienced in a racist society since birth. Max warns that there will be more men like Bigger if America does not put an end to the vicious cycle of hatred, injustice, oppression, racial discrimination and vengeance, despite Max arguements Bigger was still sentenced to death.

Bigger is not a traditional hero by any means. Wright makes us enter into mind and understand the devastaring effect of the social conditions in which he was raised, Bigger thomas was not a violent criminal he is a true native son.

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Native Son Summary And Characters
  1. BIGGER THOMAS: He is the main character (protagonist), he is a tragic hero in the novel .
  2. JAN ERLONE: He is Mary Dalton boyfriend and a member of the communists party.
  3. MARY DALTON: She is the daughter of Mr and Mrs Dalto, she is Jan girlfriend. she was mistakenly suffocated by Bigger thomas.
  4. BESSIE MESARS: she is Bigger’s girlfriend. their relationship is quite distant because it is based on mutual benefits rather than romantic love. Bigger involves her in the botched attempt to get ransom money from the Dalton’s. Bigger raped bessie and killed her.

Recommended: apk installer for PCMR DALTON: He is Bigger employer, he owns the south side real estate company which descriminates against African Americans, forcing them to remain with a prescribed section of the city called the black belt.

MRS DALTON: She is mary mother and like wise the wife of Mr Dalton, She is blind.

BORIS A, MAX: He is a Jewish Lawyer who serves as Biggers’s trial in court. He is also a member of the communists party.

MRS THOMAS: She is Bigger mother, she is a religious woman who believes she has raised her children in the best way that she can.

BUDDY THOMAS: He is Bigger loyal little brother who develops a more antagonist attitude towards racial prejudice.

VERA THOMAS: She is Bigger little sister, she quits her sewing class at the Local YMCA because of Bigger infamy.

MR BLUM: He is a white man who owns a delicatessen on the South Chicago . He represents an inviting robbery target for Bigger and his friends.

BRITTEN: He is a racist, anticommunist and a private investigative officer who helps Mr Dalton investigate Mary’s disappearance.

PEGGY: She is Dalton bustling irish house keeper. She believes the Daltons have been great benefactors for blacks in the US. she feels that she can completely understand blacks.

REVEREND HAMMOND: He is a pastor in Mr Thomas church who atrempted to convert Bigger to christainity before he is put to death.

MR BUCKLEY: He is the state attorney who uses devious tactics to gain confession from Bigger. He is a racist and anticommunist. He appeals with to mobs mentality to ensure Bigger receives the death penalty.

G.H, GUS AND JACK: They are Bigger friends who often plan and exexute robberies together. They hatch a plan to rob a white shopkeeper (Mr Blum) but they are afraid of the consequences of robbing a white man.

JUSTICE HANLY: He is the Judge for Bigger trial.


  1. Fear
  2. Flight
  3. Fate


  1. Racial discrimination and Social deprivation
  2. The theme of the search for identity
  3. The theme of violence as psychological escapes
  4. The theme of Hyprocrisy of judicial System


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