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Are you in search of the best earning link shortener or are you still searching for ways to earn money online as a student or a website owner then worry less, because link (URL) shortening is also one of the simplest way to earn money online, you can earn money shortening links at your home even when you are watching television.

  Although there are many link Shortener online for you to make money from but only few of them are trustworthy, according to many people, they always complain that once reach their withdrawal amount you get blocked for no reason, to avoid complain or being blocked after reaching your withdrawal threshold we have compiled the best link (URL) shortener online that pays you without any issue, these online link shortener are trusted and tested and they also pay at a good rate. So no need to search for the best earning link shortener to make money online.

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Before we jump into the best list of URL shortener online let’s look at what an URL or link shortener is, the types of link shortener and also how to earn money shortening links.

A Link or URL Shortener can either be an application or site that changes long links to short ones, assuming we have a long link like: https://www.howtotechapk.com/verizon-phone-number-for-activation/

it can be shorten to:


either with an application or a website.

Now you know what a URL shortener is, you should also know that there are two types of link (URL) shortener online:

1. The free URL shortener

This type of URL shortener are free, they can help you Save space and beautify your links.

  You can use them to shorten your long links on twitter or text messaging to save you more room to add more text cause on twitter you are only allowed to 140 characters.
You can also use this free URL shortener to track you click statistics. There are many free links shorteners that provides you all the statistics about the impressions and clicks your URL gets.

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2. Paying URL or link shortener

This type of URL shortener deos not only shorten your links for beauty or for statistics purposes, they also pay you for every website link you shorten and make someone click on, it’s awesome right, read along as we list out the best earning link shortener online.

How to earn money shortening links

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There are different link shortener online, and they all pay at different rates, URL shortener networks pays their publishers money base on their impression, some pay up to 20$ for 1000 link views you get.

To earn all you have to do is create a profile on the network you like, copy the link your visitor would want to view and paste on the URL shortener website, turning it to a shorter link. Anybody who follows your link will view an advert of about 5 seconds before visiting your link.

A user can receive their payments through Paypal, Payoneer, PayTM, UPI, Payeer, Skrill and many more. So let’s look at the best earning link shortener online so you start  sharing on the links on your social media, Q&A sites, forums and your website.

ADF.LY the Url shortener

Adf.ly URL shortener is one of the best earning URL shortener and its also rated  among one of the oldest link shortener online, Adf.ly is a trusted and reliable link shortener as they pay their publishers on time without any complications.

  Adf.ly is not only listed here among one of our best earning link shortener because of it’s age, it is listed here because it is also one of the highest paying URL Shortener to earn good money online shortening links.

Adf.ly is a safe advertising website with no popups ads, they have Anti-virus and malware servers scan all their adverts, Their publishers who have an account and shortens links with them get payed on the 10th of every month and their minimum payout is $5 for those using PayPal and $20 for the Payoneer users.

A publisher using adf.ly can earn up to $9 – 20$ for every 1000 views people clicked through your link and also you can also get a life time offer 20%  as a referral commission, this simply means if the person you reffered earns up to $1000 you will receive 20% as referal commission which is $200 isn’t that awesome.

Rush now and register on adf.ly the best earning link shortener and earn upto 9$-20$ per 1000 views, 20% commission on referrals for a lifetime and cash out with your PayPal or Payoneer.


Shorte.st – Best earning Link Shortener

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  Shorte.st link shortener is also rated as one of the oldest link shortener that pays online, shorte.st is one of the best earning link shortener online, if you really want to make shortening links online then you should also try shorte.st.

Shorte.st is a premium network to place your advert, their adverts are filtered so you are assured of quality ads.

  Shortening your links on Shorte.st is very good if you have a website because they have many ways for you to to earn as a website owner, you have many ways to earn, you can get their WordPress Plugin and start to start earning money or you can also place a banner advert on your site.

Before you register as a publisher and start earning money shortening links (URL) on shorte.st you should know that their minimum payout is $5 and on this platform you can earn up to $12 for every 1000 link views you get, they also offer a lifetime referral commission of about 20% its awesome right if your friend you refer earns up to 1000$ and you get 200$ for free as a referral bonus.

Register now on one of the best earning link shortener. A platform were you get a website script for outbound links, were you can exit pops up ads, were you get a lifetime referral bonus, were you can earn money with a wordpress Plugin, were you can place free banners ads to promote your referral program.


Clk.sh Link Shortener

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Its no surprise Clk.sh is among our best list of URL shortener, with the minimum CPM rate of $3 Clk.sh link shortener makes it possible for you to earn legit money shortening links and sharing it with your friends online.

With a minimum withdrawal threshold of $5 for Skrill and PayPal on clk.sh you can earn up to $20 per 1000 link visits, wow!!. before now link shortening online seemed  impossible but now Clk.sh has made it real, you can earn more if you have more audience from Greenland. Its easy just Clk.sh can fill your bank accounts.just create an account, shorten your links and share.

Note on Clk.sh you also get a referral commission of 20%, invite your friends to this platform and get 20% of what they earn, Quickly register on this platform were you can cash out once you reach the minimum payout of 5$ and you can receive your money through bank transfer, Skrill, PayPal, bitcoin, Paytm, Mobicash, Payoneer or Wire transfer.


Shrtfly link shortener

Shrtfly.com is again another best link shortener to earn money online, shirtfly is also one of the best earning link shortener service that pays you for each time someone clicks on your link and watches an advert, shrtfly is a legit link shortener with so many testimonies and payment proof.

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While shortening links on shrtfly.com you can earn up to $150 when you get up to 10000 people to click on your shortened link and their minimum cashout threshold is 3$ so it’s clear that earning on this site is quite high compared to other link shortener.

Shrtfly comes up with a thoroughly explained API which can help you out while shortening links faster, so why not register now and cashout through your payoneer account, PayPal account, Bitcoin account, PayTM account, UPI and they also allow Bank transfer.


Shrinkearn Link Shortener

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We have listed the four best earning link shortener which were adf.ly, shorte.st, clk.sh and shrtfly so let’s the 5th which which is Shrinkearn Link shortener, this URL shortening site is also one the best way to earn some money shortening links.

Shrinkearn is a legit URL shortening site online, with a featured administrative panel you can control all of the features you want with a click of a button. After creating an account on this site you can earn up to 20$ if you can get 1000 link views, on shrinkearn you get to know the people the who click your link. Awesome right with this analysis you get to know what brings you the most income and the strategy you should use.

As a publisher on Shrinkearn you can cashout your money once you reach their required cashout amount which is only $5, Yes!! get up to 5$ and get paid through your  PayPal account.

Also as a users on Shrinkearn you can also make money referring your friends to join for free, if you refer your friends to join you will get 20% of his or her earnings for life. If your friend earns 100$ you get 20$ for free as a referral bonus.

If you have any issue on Shrinkearn you can contact their dedicated support team, they are always online and ready to help you with any questions you have for them.


Disadvantage of Link (URL) Shortener

The disadvantages or downside between the earning URL shortener and the paid one is you can’t share it on some of the popular social media like Facebook as their links are being blocked, but for the free URL shortener you can share it on Facebook.

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  Thanks for reading our post, i know with this article you will know the one to choose among these best earning link shortener online.


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